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Land Administration Data Processing

Data collected in the field needs to be processed in the office to ensure accuracy and consistency, to meet specific project format requirements, and make well-informed decisions. Trimble's complete set of data processing solutions, increases productivity and improves consistency when converting field data to the cadastral database.

Trimble Software Solutions for Survey

Use Trimble Business Center software to combine data from all of your integrated surveying sensors for processing, then create customized cadastral survey reports and export file formats.

Trimble Software Solutions for GIS Data Collection

Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software is a powerful software package of GNSS postprocessing tools that incorporates Trimble DeltaPhase™ differential correction technology and is designed to develop cadastral GIS information that is consistent, reliable, and accurate.

Aerial Data Processing

INPHO™ software is specifically engineered to meet the rigorous standards of digital photogrammetry and laser scanning data production, providing the ideal imagery basemap for your Land Administration project.

Customized Software Solutions

Trimble provides localized and customized solutions that can be implemented to meet your country's requirements. Contact the Trimble Land Administration team to learn more.