Land Administration

Land Administration Data Capture

Trimble's robust data collection portfolio meets the needs for all types of land administration projects. Our field solutions allow you to collect parcel information – both geographical and attributes – to meet accuracy, ease of use, and timeliness requirements.

Featured Solutions

Trimble ProXRT Receiver for Land Administration
Designed to address the specialized workflows of land administration projects worldwide, the Land Administration configuration of the Trimble® ProXRT receiver offers centimeter accuracy without the requirement of a base station or additional hardware.

Penmap Field Software
Penmap is premium data collection software, specifically designed for cadastral surveying, mapping, and land registration tasks.

Survey-Grade Data Acquisition

Collect the high-accuracy, survey grade data you require for urban cadastral mapping using Trimble's suite of surveying solutions. The Trimble Integrated Surveying™ solution seamlessly combines GNSS and optical surveying technology to increase productivity and data quality. Leading controllers featuring Trimble Access field software enable you to quickly and easily capture survey data in the field, improving the efficiency of Land Administration projects.

Mapping-Grade Data Acquisition

Trimble's GIS data collection technologies make it easy to rapidly collect, store, manipulate, and analyze large amounts of spatially accurate data. Ideal for rural data collection, Trimble provides a range of GIS handheld solutions that enable sub-meter accurate data collection.

Imaging Tools

Trimble Imaging tools provide innovative solutions for aerial and mobile data capture and information processing, improving the productivity of Land Administration projects. This includes capturing georeferenced data, extracting features and attributes, analyzing conditions and change, and managing assets and operation.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Immediately get up-to-date imagery for Land Administration Projects with Trimble Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), a lightweight unmanned aerial system (UAS) used for rapid image acquisition and terrain mapping. Capture georeferenced images and point clouds using the UAS to monitor, change, and extract parcel information.