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Trimble has partnered with the leading provider of seismic sensors and high-frequency data logging systems to maintain and extend today's Infrastructure solutions for scientific research and monitoring applications.


Infrastructure Software

Infrastructure Software

Trimble GNSS Infrastructure is the most established and widely used GNSS infrastructure solution available. Trimble GNSS Infrastructure hardware is specifically developed with the needs of Infrastructure applications in mind. Trimble's GNSS Infrastructure software integrates seamlessly into every Infrastructure solution ensuring the best results with exceptional performance. Trimble GNSS Infrastructure solutions are always a wise investment.

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Pivot - The Foundation for Success!

Trimble is taking users to a whole new level of unprecedented freedom by offering Pivot™ Mobile Apps. Trimble Pivot, the latest technology in server software, now supports mobile apps running on devices (such as tablets or smart phones) that are powered by the Android or the Apple iOS operating systems.

In this latest release, Trimble Infrastructure is excited to introduce two mobile apps: the Trimble Pivot Admin and the Trimble Pivot Field. Mobile device users can instantly download either mobile apps on their device and access system information like health states, runtime information, and atmosphere conditions, at anytime and anywhere. Trimble Pivot installations are now also supported in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Software Products

Trimble Pivot Apps

Trimble Dynamic Control App

Monitors and controls all receiver connections through multiple device managers. It also streams single station corrections to the end customer.

Trimble Atmosphere App

Calculates IPWV and TEC values from gathered GNSS data including weather information from various data sources.

Trimble VRS3Net App

Generates correction data for cm accurate positioning solutions in a dense network. An overview status information of all network processors is also available.

Trimble Sparse VRS App

Generates correction data for sub-dm-level (4 inch) accurate positioning solutions in a sparse network.

Trimble NTRIP Caster App

Manages the administration of multiple NTRIP Casters. An overview of status information of so-called connected users to the Pivot platform is also available.

Trimble RTX App

Performs absolute position integrity monitoring in real-time mode based on the RTX technology.

Trimble RTX-PP App

Performs absolute position integrity monitoring in post-processing mode based on the RTX technology.

Trimble Integrity Manager App

Provides real time and post processing engines to monitor GNSS reference stations.

Trimble iScope App

Provides an overview of iScope rovers presented on the iScope Map to allow the operator to administrate the connected rovers and to allow users to review survey sessions.

Trimble Data Shop App

Includes the Reference Data Shop module which can be used to generate and download correction data for either a CORS or a VRS for a given period.

Other Software

Trimble 4D Control Software

Combine GNSS and optical data on a single project with accurate measurement and detailed data analysis

Trimble Beacon Software

DGNSS reference station and integrity monitor software, designed for DGNSS-beacon of the future

Trimble Coastal Center

DGNSS control center software package for the continuous monitoring and administration of a collection of DGNSS broadcast sites

Trimble Charisma Software

DGNSS reference station and integrity monitor software