Trimble NetR3 GNSS Reference Sensor

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NetR3 GNSS Reference Sensor
NetR3 GNSS Reference Sensor


Modernize, Densify — Enhance your Network with the Trimble NetR3

The Trimble NetR3 GNSS reference sensor provides high-quality results and is ideal for a wide range of infrastructure applications such as high-accuracy positioning through a VRS network, support for differential global positioning system (DGPS) MSK beacons, and integrity monitoring of networks and physical infrastructure such as bridges, dams and mines.

Key features:

  • Powerful yet cost effective
  • Proven Trimble R-Track technology
  • Scalable with optional upgrades available
  • Seamlessly integrates into Trimble Infrastructure applications, such as a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) network
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports GPS L2C and L5 signals as well as GLONASS L1/L2