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Product Information

The Trimble Ionosphere App is an addition to the Trimble Atmosphere App designed to calculate and display ionosphere activity and scintillation information for single CORS stations or GNSS networks and to report the information back to a system administrator. The Ionosphere App calculates and summarizes the following information:

  • Scintillation Index for a reference station
  • I95 Index, IRIM and GRIM values out of the network processor
  • TEC values out of the Atmosphere Watch module

Trimble Ionosphere App

Understanding the state of the ionosphere and its potential impact on GNSS precise positioning requires knowing the current free-electron density and how it varies across the network and over time. Through the Trimble Ionosphere App on the Pivot platform, a proven infrastructure solution is available today to enable users and operators to counter the effects of the ionosphere, view and analyze ionospheric conditions, and monitor positioning accuracy to verify system performance.

With the Pivot Field mobile app, users can then view the I95, IRIM, and GRIM indices for their network along with more detailed localized maps of TEC, the Scintillation Index, and the Iono Index all from their mobile device at any time and from any where!

Click here to learn more about the Pivot Field mobile app!

The Ionosphere and What to Expect

The ionosphere, the upper part of the atmosphere, consists of electrons, which are highly influenced by solar activities. The strength of solar activities follows a so-called solar cycle, where huge disturbances can appear in a GNSS station network/array at the maximum point of this solar cycle. In addition to solar activities, the ionosphere scintillation is another disturbance within the ionosphere that influences the quality of GNSS signals.

Solar activity represented in the skyplot at the same station at different times of the year

Pivot Mobile Apps

Trimble Pivot, the latest technology in server software, now supports mobile apps running on devices (such as tablets or smart phones) that are powered by the Android or the Apple iOS operating systems. In this latest release, Trimble Infrastructure is excited to introduce two mobile apps: the Trimble Pivot Admin and the Trimble Pivot Field. Mobile device users can instantly download either mobile apps on their device at no cost, and access system information like health states, runtime information, and atmosphere conditions, at anytime and anywhere.

App IconTrimble Pivot AppDescriptionTech Note
Trimble Pivot AdminProvides the administrator easy access to the server system including a full overview on all servers and Trimble Pivot platform installations. Tech Notes
Trimble Pivot FieldProvides the field user various information on Atmosphere condition, satellite availability or subscription and session station. Tech Notes


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