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Product Information
Trimble Atmosphere App

Through the Atmosphere Watch and the Weather Condition modules, the Trimble Atmosphere App enables users to evaluate ionosphere and troposphere conditions through calculations of a variety of different atmospheric parameters including:

  • Integrated Precipitable Water Vapor
  • Total Electron Content
  • Tropospheric Slant Delay
  • Wet Slant Delay

Trimble Atmosphere App

The Trimble® Atmosphere App is a unique scientific application designed to support atmospheric estimation and tectonic motion detection based on GNSS and weather station data. The Trimble Atmosphere App operates on the Trimble Pivot™ platform, the foundation for multiple Infrastructure apps that serve various markets and their specific needs.

Trimble Atmosphere App

The Trimble Pivot platform includes a basic web installation. Some licensed apps add their own web pages, providing additional functions. The Trimble Atmosphere App provides the following web pages to support and display the atmospheric conditions:

  • IPWV Map
  • Station Chart
  • Condition Chart
  • IPWV Contour Map
  • IPWV Surface Map
  • IPWV Surface Map Animation
  • TEC Contour Map
  • TEC Surface Map
  • TEC Surface Map Animation

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