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Product Information
MSK DGNSS Beacon Rack

MSK DGNSS Beacon Rack

  • GNSS-receivers
  • MSK-modulators and Demodulators
  • DGNSS-Software and servers
  • Communication and IT-components
  • Lightning protection
  • Remote reboot assembly
  • All fully integrated into 19" rack and tested
  • Backup Power assembly (option)
  • Integrated MF-Transmitter up to 375W (option)

MSK DGNSS Beacon Rack

With over two decades of MSK DGPS experience in providing customers with DGPS components, consulting services and complete 'turn-key' systems integration, Trimble is pleased to introduce a fully configured, redundant GNSS solution. Available in several RS-IM configurations as well as in AC and 24VDC versions, the Trimble MSK DGNSS Beacon Rack is compatible with major DGPS transmitters on the market.

Trimble's fully integrated MSK DGNSS Beacon system contains all components fully installed and integrated including:

  • Power assembly
  • Software, Communication and IT components
  • GNSS receivers
  • MSK modulator and demodulator
  • All installed, fully integrated, wired and tested

Trimble provides a configurable architecture for deploying DGNSS navigation infrastructure to deliver high availability broadcast services for maritime harbor and harbor approach or inland navigation applications. Charisma RS and IM functions showing interfaces to site devices and optional Trimble Coastal Center interfaces.


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