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Trimble MX2

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Trimble's premium vehicle-mounted mobile spatial imaging systems integrate our industry leading geo-referencing technologies with very precise, high-speed laser scanning and high-resolution imaging sensors.

Solutions include Trident software to control raw spatial data collection and automate key processes such as creating or extracting surface models, roadway signs, utility poles, roadside edges, pavement markings, horizontal and vertical clearances and road geometry.


  • Rapidly collect enormous amounts of highly accurate, geo-referenced spatial data and transform it into information-rich 3D models
  • Plan, design, build and maintain modern infrastructure, while maximizing safety and effectiveness
  • Process terabytes of terrestrial imagery and point clouds for entire cities, highway networks, rail systems and utility corridors collected at highway or railway speeds, often in a single pass
  • Bundled premium sensors systems and productivity software facilitate projects that would be too slow and cost-prohibitive to complete using traditional mapping and survey approaches

Land Mobile Systems

Trimble MX1

Trimble MX1
Photogrammetric GIS feature collection

Trimble MX2

Trimble MX2
Versatile mobile mapping for geospatial surveys

Trimble MX8

Trimble MX8
Premium spatial imaging with industry-leading accuracy


Land Mobile Software

Trident Analyst

Interpret images and point clouds and automatically extract features

Trimble Trident Capture

Trident Capture
Manage mobile data capture in the field

Land Mobile
Land Mobile Aerial Mapping Aerial Photogrammetry & Laser Scanning Software