Inpho Geo-Referencing

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Inpho Geo-Referencing


State-of-the-art camera calibration, adjustment and aerial triangulation for image blocks of any size, overlap or geometry.


High throughput aerial triangulation with automated tie point selection, multi-ray point matching and bundle adjustment, GNSS and IMU support and calibration of camera and bore-sight misalignment.


New-generation bundle block adjustment software, combining advanced mathematical modeling with excellent graphical analysis capabilities.


Precise aerial image triangulation with exceptional performance

  • Geo-reference blocks of aerial imagery based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms for both line and, optionally, pushbroom sensor data
  • Fully automated processing even for large projects
  • Processing is independent of flight geometry and supports completely arbitrary flight patterns
  • Automatically extract tie points in frame images at optimal locations using multi-ray image matching
  • Measure or verify control and tie points, guided by graphical block analysis
  • Orient image blocks using proven bundle block adjustment and quality control tools
  • Rigorous GPS and IMU data support, including calibration of boresight misalignment and shift and drift corrections


Reconstruct the image orientation for image blocks of any shape and overlap using advanced mathematical modeling and adjustment techniques

  • Advanced adjustment engine with full GPS and IMU support, shift and drift correction, self-calibration and effective multi-phase blunder detection
  • Complete statistical information including variance components, precision, internal & external reliability measures, among others
  • Excellent interactive graphical analysis capabilities combining traditional views (vectors, ellipses) with alternative visualizations such as "traffic lights" to simplify data inspection and quality control
  • The flexible and configurable adjustment engine includes full GNSS and IMU support
  • Calibrate lens and image plane parameters of aerial frame cameras

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