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Inpho Geo-Modeling

Surface and Terrain Modeling

Comprehensive modeling of unlimited laser scanning or image matching points including filtering, visualization, editing and analysis.


Visualize, edit, and classify point clouds for DTM/LiDAR quality control. Available as a monoscopic DTM editor or photogrammetric DTM editing station.


Generate and manage very large digital terrain models such as nation-wide DTMs with data coming from LiDAR, photogrammetry or any other source.


Powerful digital terrain, surface model and LiDAR editing station.

  • Easily handle efficient checking, editing and classification of huge DTM and LiDAR projects consisting of billions of points using a tiled data structure
  • Visualize and quality control data using excellent monoscopic or stereoscopic tools
  • Underlay DTM data with thousands of orthophotos or complete blocks of aerial stereo photographs
  • Expand capabilities using the Inpho DTM Extension for fast point cloud filtering, gap filling and mapping-grade contouring


Efficiently process hundreds of millions of DTM points with unsurpassed quality of interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization.

  • Utilizes an integrated database system well-suited to managing very large DTM projects, up to nation-wide DTMs
  • Efficient hybrid DTM data structure and flexible, advanced interpolation guarantees rigorous consideration of break lines and qualified data filtering
  • Numerous DTM applications are covered, such contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis
  • Work with points from LiDAR, photogrammetry or other sources
  • Automatically filters airborne laser scanning to classify a raw point cloud into terrain and off-terrain points and effectively extracts true ground points for further DTM processing
  • Address contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis

SCOP++ is a joint trademark of Trimble and Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Technical University Vienna

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