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Compact, low-power GNSS receiver speeds development of advanced positioning applications

The Trimble BD970 GNSS system is a compact multi-constellation receiver designed to deliver centimeter accuracy to a variety of applications. With the Trimble BD970, OEM's and integrators can be assured their investment is sound today and into the future. The Trimble BD970 GNSS receiver supports a wide range of satellite signals, including GPS L2C and L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals. In addition, Trimble is committed to the next generation of modernized GNSS configurations by providing Galileo-compatible products available for customers well in advance of Galileo system availability. In support of this plan, the Trimble BD970 is capable of tracking both Galileo and Compass signals for evaluation and test purposes.

Industry professionals trust Trimble embedded positioning technologies as the core of their precision applications. With the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell™ 6 technology, the BD970 provides assurance of long-term future-proofing and trouble-free operation. Moving the industry forward, the Trimble BD970 redefines high-performance positioning:

  • On-board multipath mitigation
  • Proven low-elevation tracking
  • Dramatically improved RTK initialization

Physical Characteristics

Size 100 mm X 60 mm X 11.6 mm
Power 3.3V DC +5%/-3%
Connectors: I/O 24-pin header + 6-pin header
Connectors: Antenna MMCX receptacle

Key Features:

  • 220 Channels for Multi-Constellation GNSS Support
  • Flexible RS232, USB, Ethernet or CAN Interfacing
  • Centimeter level position accuracy
  • Proven Trimble Maxwell 6 technology
  • Compact Form Factor

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