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The Trimble BD920-W3G module has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a compact package. By integrating wireless communications on the same module the task of receiving and transmitting data such as RTK corrections is greatly simplified. A single intuitive web interface allows a variety of use cases to be supported. In addition to GNSS base and rover setups with Wi-Fi or UMTS modem the module also allows simultaneous customer access to the internet.

Both GNSS and communication components are fully shielded. This design ensures the high quality signals are protected from the sources of EMI on the host platform. It also significantly reduces radiated emissions which speeds compliance certification and time to market.


Size 60 mm x 55 mm x 19 mm
Power 5 V DC 28 V DC
Typical 1.3 W (L1/L2 GPS + L1/L2 GLONASS)
Weight 54 grams
Connectors I/O: 44 pin header
GNSS Antenna: MMCX receptacle
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna: MMCX receptacle
UMTS Antenna: MMCX receptacle
Antenna LNA Power Input: Input voltage: 3.3 V DC to 5 V DC
Maximum current: 400 mA
Minimum required LNA Gain: 28.5 dB

Key Features:

  • 220 Channels for multi-constellation
  • GNSS support
  • Fully EMI shielded module
  • Compact design for mobile applications
  • Integrated Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Integrated 3.5G Cellular Modem
  • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
  • Centimeter level position accuracy
  • Proven Trimble Maxwell 6 technology

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