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Trimble Internal Rim DMI for AP

Trimble Internal Rim DMI for AP
Trimble Internal Rim DMI for AP

Product Information

The Trimble Internal Rim DMI for AP GNSS-Inertial OEM Systems uses robust inductive proximity-sensing technology to provide consistent and accurate velocity information for the constraint of inertial errors and improved overall navigation performance in terrestrial applications. Internal Rim DMI is installed within the wheel well and does not protrude from the vehicle.

Internal Design
Polyurethane strip with embedded ferrous material targets is adhesive-backed for installation on inside of vehicle's wheel rim. Non-contact proximity sensor generates quadrature signal as the wheel turns. The Internal Rim DMI is ideal for permanent installation where preventing protrusions from vehicle’s exterior is desirable.

Reliable Performance
Proximity-sensing technology allows for reliable velocity determination at all speeds with no dead-band effects.

Technical Specifications


Voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Current consumption max 20 mA
Signal type Quadrature Pulse
Voltage drop 2 VDC
Output current per line < 200 mA
Resolution Approximately 100 rising and falling edges per meter.


Enclosure Rating IP67
Temperature Operating -25 to 75 deg C

Key Features:

  • Distance Measurement Instrument for Discreet installations
  • Safer operation over external DMI, does not protrude from vehicle
  • Reliable Performance


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