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The Road Ahead Report : The Future of Field Service Delivery

In 2012, Trimble commissioned an independent study that aimed to discover how service-based organizations are responding to the growing challenges facing their industry.

An ever-more competitive landscape means businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves to a customer base whose expectations are at an all-time high due to a growing 'review culture' which is putting the image and reputation of companies into customer hands through social networks, blogs and other online sites. As the number of customer touch-points increases for every company, services in the field are rapidly becoming the new frontline in the battle for competitive market share, playing a major role in customer satisfaction, company reputation and, ultimately customer retention and profitability.

Adding to this, unpredictable fuel prices, incoming legislative requirements and environmental concerns make today a challenging time to run a service operation. Gathered from the most significant issues businesses with field service divisions are facing today, this report provides some valuable perspectives into how the future may look for businesses running fleet and mobile workforce operations and how their environment may change.

Also uncovered, were some important insights which should be essential reading for any forward-thinking leaders involved in the management of field service operations and provide valuable information for any organization looking to achieve greater success with fewer resources.


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