Safety & Security

Improve Routes and Reduce Unsanctioned Stops

If your security or passenger transport drivers are doing their job, they are constantly moving from stop to stop or following a preset route. With all this constant movement, it's difficult to keep track of where your drivers are and what they are currently doing. Security drivers may encounter unexpected situations that keep them at a site longer than expected. Passenger transport drivers can experience difficult customers or addresses that are difficult to find.

Trimble Field Service Management solutions help you keep track of your drivers, reduce unsanctioned stops, save on fuel and other operating costs, and improve planned routing.

To learn how our solutions have helped other safety and security companies, read our Universal Protection Services or our Silicon Valley Security case studies. To read how our solutions have helped other companies, read our customer case studies.

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To learn more about Fleet Management hear what Joyce Tam, Director of Product Marketing, has to say in this short video.

Watch this video of Charles Morriston, product manager of Driver Safety, and find out why driver safety should be important to your organization.

Listen to Aubrey Fox discuss the changes in field service delivery and how Work Management can help your company.

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Fleet Management

Trimble GeoManager Fleet Management helps fleet managers make intelligent decisions using real-time fleet status information.

Work Managemen  

Trimble GeoManager Work Management provides dispatchers and managers visibility into work schedules and mobile worker activities.

Driver Safety

Protect your drivers and reduce the risk to your business by using safety alerts and scorecards when your drivers are in the field.


For more information about how Trimble Field Service Management solutions can improve your mobile workers productivity, safety and customer service, request a demo, send an email or contact our global sales representatives.