Improve Driver Safety

Improve Driver Safety

Reduce risk and improve your safety image

When your drivers are on the road, it's difficult to know how they are driving. They may be ignoring traffic laws or discourteous to other drivers. Their vehicles may require more maintenance or repair work due to harsh brake use or excessive turn speeds. You may even have unusually high accident rates.

Trimble Field Service Management solutions help you get information to improve your drivers' driving style, lower your claims expense and protect your company's safety image. Our solutions provide you with documentation about vehicle location that you need to disprove invalid claims and reduce payout costs. Our solutions also help identify any of your drivers who practice safe driving techniques as well as those who require coaching to improve safety habits.

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Key Benefits:

  • Measure driver safety scores for comprehensive safety programs
  • Provide verifiable documentation for all accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claims costs
  • Improve your public image and your customer's perception of your safety habits
  • Reduce vehicle component wear and tear which lowers risk of mechanical related accidents

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Driver Safety 

Protect your drivers and reduce the risk to your business by using safety alerts and scorecards when your drivers are in the field.

Work Management 

Trimble GeoManager Work Management provides dispatchers and managers visibility into work schedules and mobile worker activities.

Fleet Management 

Trimble GeoManager Fleet Management helps fleet managers make intelligent decisions using real-time fleet status information.

For more information about how Trimble Field Service Management solutions can improve your mobile workers productivity, safety and customer service, request a demo, send an email or contact our global sales representatives.