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Location Matters! Optimize Harvest Navigation

TimberPilot provides a 7" tablet display of the harvest site and displays the cutting machine location in relation to boundaries and environmentally sensitive areas.  TimberPilot will give both an audible and visual alert to the cutter operator if the cutting machine encroaches on an area where it should not go.  

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TimberPilot has an immediate return on investment to loggers who use the system since cutting timber over property lines boundaries or in restricted environmental areas often lead to high value fines.  TimberPilot is a complete package that includes a high accuracy 1-2m GPS rugged tablet, mounting kit and charging kit.  It is easily transferable from machine to machine.

Key Features:

  • View position of harvester machinery in relation to tract boundaries and sensitive area boundaries
  • Receive audible and visual alerts when machinery encroaches on these boundaries
  • Collect continuous GPS positions on where machinery has been
  • Use multiple background maps to assist with navigation and decision making
  • Measuring tools for the operator to minimize skidding paths and assist in thinning layouts
  • Fully compatible with SOLO 360 for preparing background maps and boundary data from ArcGIS
  • Large buttons for quick and easy access to common functions
  • Set up and manage boundary alerts for multiple polygons
  • Boundary alerts can be configured to be external (stay within this defined area) or internal (stay out of this defined area)

TimberPilot User Story

TimberPilot Datasheet