GeoExplorer 6000 Series

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  • Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology option for more positions and increased accuracy in tough forestry environments
  • Sunlight readable display for unmatched clarity in bright sunlight
  • 3.5G cellular capability provides high-speed Internet connectivity in the field
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera
  • Field-swappable battery, offering all day operation
Product Information

Product Information

Bringing together the essential functionality for productive GIS data collection in one device. The Trimble® GeoExplorer® 6000 series also delivers positioning accuracy in challenging GNSS situations such as under trees with Trimble Floodlight™ technology. Wherever you work, it just works.

Key Features

Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology option

More positions and increased accuracy in tough environments

Sunlight readable display

For unmatched clarity in bright sunlight

3.5G cellular capability

High-speed Internet connectivity in the field

5 megapixel autofocus camera

Capture high quality photographs and link directly to features

Field-swappable battery

All day operation and the convenience of swap-and-go battery replacement

Accurate, productive, reliable data collection

Integrating both a GPS/GLONASS receiver and a dual frequency GNSS antenna, the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series delivers accuracy you can depend on to record new assets, or reliably navigate back to previously recorded locations.

Used with Trimble's range of powerful field and office software, GeoExplorer 6000 series handhelds allow you to work faster and in more places than ever before. The Trimble GeoExplorer series can deliver down to centimeter accuracy—either postprocessed or in real time for the confidence the job is done right while still on site.

Trees and buildings create "satellite shadows", limiting the areas where you can reliably collect high-accuracy GNSS data. Using Trimble Floodlight technology, the GeoExplorer 6000 series continues to deliver productive, usable data under tree canopy or in urban canyons. You can work with fewer disruptions, meaning better data, faster, at less cost.

Designed for work, wherever you work

The Trimble GeoExplorer series works for the way you work. The built-in 5 megapixel autofocus camera, with geotagging capability, gives you one of the best ways to capture information about an asset, event, or site. A sunlight-optimized display maintains exceptional clarity in all outdoor conditions for crisp on screen text and images. And you can stay connected with an optional integrated 3.5G cellular modem for continuous network and Internet access to real-time map data, web-based services, Trimble VRS™ corrections, and live update of field information.

With the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series you can work productively and handle the toughest conditions. The Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series is optimized for and bundled with Trimble SOLO Forest™ software and other industry-standard field software, so you can be confident that the data you receive back in the office is exactly what you need for streamlined integration into your enterprise GIS and fast updates.

  GeoXT GeoXH
Accuracy Submeter Decimeter/Centimeter
Floodlight Optional Yes
Cellular modem Optional Optional
Camera 5 MP 5 MP

  • Receiver

    Trimble Maxwell™ 6 GNSS chipset

  • Channels

    220 channels

  • Systems


  • Update rate

    45 s (typical)

  • NMEA-0183 support


  • RTCM support


  • CMR support


  • GeoXT handhelds

  • GPS



    L1C/A, L1P

  • GeoXH handhelds

  • GPS

    L1C/A, L2C, L2E


    L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A, L2P

    GeoXH Centimeter Edition
    Real-time Centimeter output
  • Horizontal (external antenna3)

    1 cm + 1 ppm

  • Vertical (external antenna)

    1.5 cm + 2 ppm

  • Horizontal (internal antenna)

    2.5 cm + 1.2 ppm

  • Vertical (internal antenna)

    4 cm + 1.5 ppm

Postprocessed Centimeter output
  • Horizontal (external antenna3)

    1 cm + 1 ppm

  • Vertical (external antenna)

    1.5 cm + 1 ppm

  • Horizontal (internal antenna)

    2.5 cm + 1.2 ppm

  • Vertical (internal antenna)

    4 cm + 1.5 ppm

All GeoXH configurations
Real-time and postprocessed H-Star (Horizontal RMS)
  • H-Star

    10 cm + 1ppm

All GeoXH and GeoXT configurations
Real-time DGNSS (Horizontal RMS)
  • Code

    75 cm + 1ppm


    typically < 1 m

  • Postprocessed DGNSS (Horizontal RMS) Code

    50 cm + 1 ppm

  • Carrier (after 45 minutes)

    1 cm + 2 ppm

  • Operation

    -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)

  • Storage

    -30 °C to +70 °C (-22 °F to +158 °F)

  • Drop shock

    1.2 m (4 ft) plywood over concrete

  • Functional Shock

    Method 516.6 Procedure I

  • Vibration

    Method 514.6 Procedure I

  • Relative humidity

    95% non-condensing

  • Maximum operating altitude

    3,658 m (12,000 ft)

  • Maximum storage altitude

    5,000 m (16,400 ft)

  • Water/Dust


  • Height

    234 mm (9.2 in)

  • Width

    99 mm (3.9 in)

  • Depth

    56 mm (2.2 in)

  • Weight (inc. battery)

    925 g (2.0 lb)

  • Type

    Rechargeable, removable Li-Ion

  • Capacity

    11.1V 2.5 AH

  • Charge time

    4 hours (typical)

  GeoXT GeoXH
GNSS 11 hours 9 hours
GNSS & Wi-Fi 9.5 hours 8 hours
GNSS & cellular 7 hours 6.5 hours
Standby time (typical) 50 days 50 days
  • Internal microphone and speaker
  • Mini USB connector
  • DE-9 serial via optional USB to serial converter
  • External power connector
  • SIM socket
  • SDHC card socket

  • Still mode

    Autofocus 5 MP

  • Still image format


  • Video mode

    Up to VGA resolution

  • Video file format

    WMV with audio


    850/900/2100 MHz


    850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • Wi-Fi

    802.11 b/g

  • Bluetooth

    Version 2.1 + EDR

  • Type

    Transflective LED-backlit LCD

  • Size

    4.2" (diagonal)

  • Resolution


  • Luminance

    280 cd/m2

  • Processor

    TI OMAP 3503

  • RAM

    256 MB

  • Flash

    2 GB

  • External Storage

    SD/SDHC up to 32 GB

  • English (US), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, Russian
  • GeoExplorer 6000 series handheld
  • Pouch
  • Hand strap
  • USB data cable
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • AC power adaptor
  • Screen protector kit
  • Spare stylus & tether
  • Documentation
  • Trimble Zephyr™ Model 2 external GNSS antenna
  • Trimble Tornado™ external GNSS antenna (GeoXH handheld)
  • Trimble Tempest™ external GNSS antenna (GeoXT handheld)
  • Vehicle power supply
  • 1.5 m & 5 m external antenna cable
  • Carbon fiber monopole kit
  • Range pole kit for external antenna
  • Backpack kit for external antenna
  • Vehicle mount
  • Hard carry case
  • Null modem cable
  • USB to serial converter cable
  • Trimble TerraSync software
  • Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software
  • Trimble Positions™ software suite
  • Trimble GPScorrect™ extension for Esri ArcPad software
  • Trimble GPS Analyst™ extension for Esri ArcGIS for Desktop software
  • Trimble GPS Controller software
  • Trimble GNSS Connector software
  • Trimble TrimPix™ Pro system
  • Custom applications built with a Mobile GIS Developer Community software development kit (SDK)
  • Third party NMEA-based applications

1. GLONASS is enabled on GeoXT and GeoXH handhelds with Floodlight technology enabled.
2. Accuracy and reliability may be subject to anomalies due to multipath, obstructions, satellite geometry, and atmospheric conditions. Always follow recommended GNSS data collection practices. Specified Centimeter accuracy can normally be achieved for baselines of 30 km or less. Specified H-Star accuracy can normally be achieved for baseline lengths of 100 km or less. Centimeter and H-Star accuracy is typically achieved within 2 minutes. Carrier postprocessed accuracy is limited to data collected within 10 km of the base station used for corrections.
3. Stated accuracy is for the Zephyr Model 2 antenna.
4. SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System). Includes WAAS; available in North America only, EGNOS; available in Europe only and MSAS; available in Japan only.
5. Actual run time will vary with conditions and environment of use.
6. Not available on all configurations. The GeoXH and GeoXT 3.5G edition handhelds are PTCRB certified and can operate on supported networks that do not require carrier certification. Consult with your local reseller for more information.
7. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi type approvals are country specific. GeoExplorer 6000 series handhelds have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi approval in the U.S. and in most European countries. For further information please consult your local reseller.
Specifications subject to change without notice.