Trimble SiteFID Landfill Gas Surface Monitoring Solution

Trimble SiteFID Landfill Gas Surface Monitoring Solution


The Trimble SiteFID™ Landfill Gas solution provides a more streamlined workflow for the environmental services professional, improving efficiency and reducing rework.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce landfill gas monitoring costs and operating expenses
  • Maximize technician's time for collecting samples
  • Streamline data management in the field and office
  • Receive rapid, accurate delineation of landfill gas levels
  • Improve documentation of remediation actions
  • Reduce human error and time spent completing paperwork
  • Increase accuracy of data collection
  • Improve safety

Trimble's SiteFID solution combines a portable flame ionization detector linked by bluetooth technology to a Nomad GPS-enabled hand held computer. Custom data gathering software provides the ability to more efficiently gather field data than ever before, maximizing field time for your personnel and reducing monitoring and operating expenses. With Trimble GPS technology you will know where you are on the site at all times with the real time navigation on a site base map or air photo.

Streamline Workflow and Improve Accuracy

Using the SiteFID detector, landfill gas samples can be analyzed in the field. The GPS location of sample results is recorded in real time during the field survey. The Nomad allows landfill gas monitoring data and positioning information to be logged in the field and then uploaded to compliance and reporting systems, streamlining surface landfill gas data collection, analysis and compliance reporting. This improved workflow increases the environmental professional's efficiency, allowing more area to be covered in a day with improved monitoring data quality assurance and the ability to accurately locate field sample collection points.

Improve Compliance and Efficiency

This improved landfill gas workflow increases quality assurance, makes documentation of regulatory compliance easier and streamlines regulatory compliance reporting. Data integration with company systems helps eliminate data entry errors and drastically reduces sample documentation and reporting labor costs. By integrating GPS locations of samples, accurate re-sampling of an exceedance location and the comparison of monitoring values between sampling events is faster and easier.