Installing PoleSTAR™

Save the file to your preferred location. When the download completes, run the Setup.exe file you have just downloaded. Complete the setup wizard according to the instructions on the forms.

After you have installed PoleSTAR™, run PoleSTAR™ by double clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or the shortcut in the start menu (Start > Programs > Trimble Energy Solutions > PoleSTAR).

The first time you install PoleSTAR™ you will be presented with a license form indicating that the application is locked.

To obtain an unlock code, press the "Email Codes" button on the form. This will initiate an email with the necessary Site Code and MID code to Trimble Energy Solutions Support. We will respond to you with an unlock code as soon as possible. Paste the unlock code into the appropriate field and press "Continue". You are now able to run PoleSTAR™ for the duration of your evaluation period.

If you have any problems, contact Trimble Energy Solutions Support