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A New Generation of Design Applications

Engineers in utility and consulting environments are faced with the need to respond more quickly than ever to the demand for new transmission lines, substation facilities, and the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. Trimble Energy Solutions' new generation of products provide an intuitive user interface, 3-D visualization, state-of-the-art optimization, and design comparison management unmatched by any other design tool.

The benefits of these applications are an enhanced value stream, reduced construction costs, and more production from scarce engineering resources.


This new generation of products offers the most flexible platform in the industry, allowing future upgrades and enhancements including interoperability and common interfaces between transmission, substation, and distribution applications. These common components and architecture ensure interoperability and information sharing between Trimble's products. The components are developed using object-oriented methodology, employ a model-view-controller architecture, and work to build a three-dimensional connected model of transmission, substation, and distribution assets.


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