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Customer Testimonials

"Our company is currently engaged in a major capital program requiring fast-tracked route selection and designs. Trimble TL-Pro's ability to produce fully costed route options, using readily available digital elevation data and aerial photography, is realizing significant time and cost savings in the community consultation and environmental assessment stages of the projects."

Bart Clulow, Project Engineer, EnergyAustralia

"The ability to use Trimble TL-Pro to spot structures (optimize), analyze conductor clearances, check structure loadings, review the aerial plan view for obstacles and overhead crossings, and do all of those things very 'rapidly' will transform the way we do business. Actually, it already is transforming our business."

Dave James, P.E., Project Manager, Avista Utilities

"The software just keeps getting more amazing in how it is enhancing our design processes, and we haven't even started to use all of the functionality."

Joshua Prince, P.E., Project Engineer, Entergy Services Incorporated