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Adding GPS location capability to a product or an asset management system means increased efficiency, productivity and safety. Trimbles GPS receiver boards and modules are used in a wide variety of applications including asset tracking systems, instrumentation systems, and security systems. All are secondor even third-generation products and provide the proven performance and reliability associated with extensive field use. Featuring small size and lower power usage, each provides exceptional GPS performance at a very reasonable cost.


Aardvark DR + GPS Aardvark DR + GPS
Trimble's Aardvark DR+GPS module combines dead reckoning (DR) with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on a single, compact board.

Buffalo GNSS Receiver Buffalo GNSS Receiver
Trimble's Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver module delivers top performance and Trimble quality in a new generation of positioning products.

Condor Family of GPS Modules Condor Family of GPS Modules Condor family of GPS modules features major advancements in signal tracking for applications working in poor signal environments.

Zelia Antenna Companion Modules
Zelia, Silvana and Anapala provide integrated GPS and antenna solutions that allow you to choose the best fit for your applications.

OEM GPS Antennas OEM GPS Antennas
Variety of GPS Antennas for Portable Applications.

Copernicus II Copernicus II
Copernicus module is a complete 12-channel GPS receiver thumbnail-sized shielded unit.