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Copernicus® II
Copernicus® II

Trimble's Copernicus® II GPS receiver delivers proven performance and Trimble quality for a new generation of position-enabled products. It features the Trimble revolutionary TrimCore™ software technology for extremely fast startup times and high performance in foliage canopy and urban canyon environments. Designed for the demands of automated, high-volume production processes, the Copernicus II module is a complete 12-channel SBAS (which includes WAAS, EGNOS) capable GPS receiver in a 19 mm W x 19 mm L x 2.54 mm H (0.75 W x 0.75 L x 0.1 H) thumbnail-sized module.

The small, thin, single-sided module is packaged in tape and reel for pick and place manufacturing processes; 28 reflow-solderable edge castellations provide interface to your design without costly I/O and RF connectors. Each module is manufactured and factory tested to Trimble's highest quality standards.

Trimble's Copernicus® II
Ultra-thin, low power, surface mount gps module.


  • Available in kit and PCB module forms
  • Supports both NMEA,TSIP and TAIP protocols

Physical Characteristics

Enclosure Metal shield
Dimensions 19mm W x 19mm L x 2.54mm H
(0.75 W x 0.75 L x 0.1 H)
Weight 1.7 grams (0.06 ounce) including shield


Ultra-Compact Embedded Antenna

  • 3.3 V active miniature unpackaged antenna
  • Cable length: 8 cm
  • Dim: 22 mm W 21 mm L 7.5 mm H
  • Connector: HFL

Compact Magnetic-Mount Antenna

  • 3V active micropatch antenna with magnetic mount
  • Cable length: 5 m
  • Dim: 30.4 mm W 35.5 mm L 11.7 mm H
  • Connectors: MCX or SMA

Key Features:

  • 2.54 mm T x 19 mm W x 19 mm L
  • Tape & reel packaging
  • Supports SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS)
  • Active or passive antennas
  • NMEA, TSIP, TAIP protocols
  • RoHS-Compliant (Pb-free)

Sensitivity (unaided)

  • Tracking: -160 dBm
  • Aquisition: -148 dBm**
    (**for hot start with emphemeris otherwise -144 dBm)

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Copernicus II Reference Board mounted on interface motherboard in a durable metal enclosure
  • AC/DC power converter
  • compact magnetic-mount GPS antenna
  • ultra-compact embedded antenna
  • USB interface cable
  • cigarette lighter adapter
  • TSIP, NMEA and TAIP protocols

Copernicus® II

For technical support, please contact

For technical support, please contact