Condor family of GPS modules

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Condor family of GPS modules
Condor family of GPS modules

Trimble's Condor family of GPS modules features major advancements in signal tracking for applications working in poor signal environments. With their higher sensitivity, performance and faster startup times, the Condor GPS modules enable system integrators to easily add Global Positioning System (GPS) capability to a mobile device with minimal impact on its size or battery life at a very economical price.

The Condor GPS family includes modules with different form factors and interface options:

Model Dimensions (mm) Support Active Antenna Support Passive Antenna Antenna Detection Requires 32kHz RTC input Standby Pin UART USB
C1011 10x11
C1216 12x16
C1722 17x22
C1919A 19x19
C1919C 19x19
C2626 26x26
Condor C1919 and C1011
Condor C1919 and C1011
Condor C2626
Condor C2626
Condor C1216
Condor C1216
Condor C1722
Condor C1722


  • Available in Starter Kit and Module forms
  • Supports NMEA protocol

Performance Characteristics

Update Rate 1 Hz (default), up to 5 Hz
Accuracy < 5 m
Position 2 m
Altitude < 3 m
PPS ± 25 ns


Re-Acquisition 2 s
Hot Start 2 s
Warm Start < 35 s
Cold Start < 38 s


Tracking -160 dBm
Acquisition -146 dBm


Acceleration 2 g
Velocity 515 m/s (COCOM Limit)

Physical Characteristics - Dimensions

C1011 10 mm x 11 mm x 2 mm
C1216 16 mm x 12.2 mm x 2.13 mm
C1722 17 mm x 22.4 mm x 2.13 mm
C1919 19 mm x 19 mm x 2.54 mm
C2626 26 mm x 26 mm x 6 mm


C1011 38-pad surface-mount LGA
C1216 24-pin surface-mounted edge castellations
C1722 28-pin surface-mounted edge castellations
C1919 28-pin surface-mount edge castellations
C2626 8-pin interface header H.FL antenna connector

Key Features:

  • GPS L1 Frequency C/A Code Receiver
  • NMEA Output and Input
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS) Capable
  • aGPS Capable
  • Update Rate up to 5 Hz
  • PPS Timing Output

Starter Kit includes:

  • Condor GPS module on a carrier board, mounted on an interface motherboard in a durable metal enclosure
  • Miniature magnetic mount antenna
  • Two additional sample Condor receivers
  • Interface cable, USB
  • AC/DC power supply adapter:
    • Input: 100-240 VAC
    • Output: 24 VDC

Downloadable software tools and documentation in the support tab including: the Condor Series GPS Modules User Guide, Trimble GPS studio application and the Trimble GPS Studio Application User Guide.

For technical support, please contact

For technical support, please contact