Buffalo GNSS Receiver

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Buffalo GNSS Receiver
Buffalo GNSS Receiver

Trimble's Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver module delivers top performance and Trimble quality in a new generation of positioning products. The Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver provides L1 Frequency GPS and GLONASS - using the NMEA protocol from the serial port, and also a PPS timing output. Buffalo can acquire and track using a combined solution of GPS and GLONASS. Galileo support will be available through a firmware upgrade.

The B1919 has an onboard low noise amplifier (LNA) that is compatible with both active and passive antenna implementations. It includes an onboard RTC and TCXO. The B1919 also has built-in antenna detection for open and short circuit conditions.

Buffalo modules match the footprint of Copernicus II and Condor C1919 GPS receiver modules, providing an upgrade path for existing designs. The Buffalo B1919 receiver features powerful positioning performance in a 19.0 x 19.0 x 2.54 mm package. The module's 28 reflow-solderable surface-mount edge castellations provide an interface for your design without the need for costly I/O and RF connectors.

Choose the Buffalo B1919 for next generation GNSS performance, the best components and the highest production quality standards.


  • Multi-constellation receiver: tracks GPS and GLONASS simultaneously
  • 32 tracking channels, 2 fast acquisition channels
  • Supports passive or active antennas with built-in LNA
  • aGPS capable
  • 1 Hz update rate
  • PPS timing output
  • Surface mount 19mm x 19mm module
  • GPS/GLONASS antennas available

Performance Characteristics

Update Rate 1 Hz
Position < 1.5 m
Altitude < 2 m
PPS ± 25 ns


Hot Start 2 s
Warm Start 22 s
Cold Start 34 s


Tracking -161 dBm
Acquisition -146 dBm

Key Features:

  • GPS L1 Frequency C/A Code Receiver
  • GLONASS L1 Frequency C/A Code Reciever
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, QZSS) Capable
  • aGPS Capable
  • Update Rate up to 1 Hz
  • PPS Timing Output

Starter Kit includes:

  • B1919 module on a carrier board, mounted in a rugged plastic enclosure suitable for mounting in a vehicle
  • Miniature magnetic mount antenna
  • Three additional sample B1919 modules
  • Interface cable

Downloadable software tools and documentation in the support tab including: the Buffalo GNSS Receiver User Guide, Trimble GPS Studio application and the Trimble GPS Studio Application User Guide.

For technical support, please contact tsgsupport@trimble.com