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Dual-frequency RTK GPS receiver on a single compact card

The Trimble BD950 GPS receiver provides systems integrators an exceptional level of accuracy, ease of integration, and component life. Following the Eurocard form factor, the receiver is specifically designed to allow easy integration into specialized or custom hardware solutions. Accurate to the centimeter, the BD950 provides outstanding reliability in a wide range of guidance or control applications. The receiver's small size and exceptionally low power requirements make it especially suitable for portable solutions.

Trimble's GNSS boardsets are sold and supported through Pacific Crest Corporation. Pacific Crest, a Trimble company, specializes in delivering positioning technologies that OEM and system integrators can adopt to bring advanced products to market faster.

Easy to upgrade

Scalable design provides the features you need for your current applications and the future. All options are password-upgradeable, enabling even a basic L1-only system to be upgraded to a full L1/L2 RTK unit.

Physical Characteristics

Size 100 mm x 80 mm x 17 mm
Power +4.5 V DC to +32 V DC
Connectors: I/O DIN41612 64-pin connector
Connectors: Antenna SMC right angle
BD950 Physical Characteristics

Key Features:

  • Accurate and reliable centimeter-level positions
  • Supports GPS Modernization
  • Extremely low power requirements
  • Password upgradability and application flexibility
  • Easy-to-integrate form factor speeds development time
  • Maximum interopability with established GPS infrastructure

The kit includes:

  • Includes Standard BD950 receiver
  • I/O board
  • Power Supply
  • Configuration Toolbox/MS Controller software and reference manual