Trimble Internet Base Station Service

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Trimble Internet Base Station Service

Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) makes it easier and more economical to use GNSS based positioning systems on the construction site.

Traditional GNSS correction methods rely solely on radios and repeaters to cover larger construction sites. IBSS is different because it works by providing GNSS corrections over the Internet. In doing so, it extends the range of base station correction sources and is more reliable than using standard radio communications, which can be subject to range limitations and black spots. It also increases jobsite flexibility, improves coverage and reduces the time needed to get new job sites up and running.

Easy to set up and use

IBSS is offered as a monthly subscription service through the Connected Community. It removes technology headaches and set-up complexity, so a contractor can be set up and running IBSS within a few minutes. To leverage the service, contractors simply connect their base stations to IBSS via LAN or the Trimble SNM910 Cellular Modem and begin providing GNSS corrections via the Internet.

A contractor can very easily connect machines, vehicles and rovers to a base station, whether it is located in the office, on the local site, or on a site kilometers away. A base station using IBSS is fully under the contractor's control with password protection and can be shared between multiple project partners and job sites using the Connected Community.

Application Uses for Trimble IBSS

Trimble IBSS is ideal for small contractors who have a few assets deployed on a project, where deployment of radio infrastructure is expensive or time consuming. For example when utilizing a single asset at a remote dump site or borrow pit, cellular connection is a way to reach that location from the project base station without the need for additional base stations or radio infrastructure.

Rover users or machine operators can connect directly to the Internet service and select the closest available GNSS base station from a list on the IBSS server.

Using a wired LAN or cellular connection to IBSS, contractors can also select a remote IBSS base station and rebroadcast the RTK correction stream from that base to rovers or machines in the vicinity. This allows the radio rebroadcaster to be located in a static location where good cellular coverage is available and allows multiple GNSS rovers and machines to operate anywhere within radio range. This set-up reduces the need for multiple modems and cellular service plans connecting each asset individually to the IBSS server, or long radio repeater chains, saving the contractor considerable costs while also providing a more reliable service in difficult coverage areas.

Specifications for Trimble IBSS

As part of Trimble's commitment to delivering Connected Site™ solutions, the IBSS subscription is delivered through the Connected Community, an information management system for contractors to more efficiently communicate and collaborate.

IBSS offers precise GNSS coverage to remote or offsite project areas such as borrow pits, dump sites or other projects within a 30 kilometer (18 mile) range and provides more flexibility for the setup of GNSS infrastructure on large projects. This is especially useful for companies running multiple projects within a 30 kilometer (18 mile) radius to solve radio outage problems on large projects or in difficult terrain. Location RTK accuracies can be achieved using IBSS at greater than 30km distances. This is useful for new site reconnaissance or for initial site works such as setting site limits, clearance lines or silt fencing and topsoil stripping without the need to set up a local base station.