Trimble GCS900 - Indicate and Automatic Modes

On a dozer or motor grader, the Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System can operate in either indicate or automatic mode:

Indicate Mode
Light bars and a graphical color display use the project design information and 3D GPS position and cross slope to show the operator what blade elevation and cross-slope movement is required to get to grade. The unique, dual GPS antenna system indicates the exact position, slope and cutting edge orientation for faster grading of complex designs and maintaining accurate blade cuts.

Automatic Blade Control
With the automatic blade control option - The GCS900 system is connected to the machine hydraulics. Using 3D GPS position, cross-slope and design information, the blade is automatically moved to the exact elevation and cross slope. The result: Significant improvements in both productivity and accuracy. If large cuts are required, the operator can instantly offset the design surface so smaller amounts are cut on each pass.