GL600 Series Grade Lasers for Grading and Excavating

Spectra Precision GL612 and GL622 Grade Lasers

Spectra Precision Laser GL600 Series Grade Lasers for Grading and Excavating

Spectra Precision® Laser GL612 and GL622 Series Grade Lasers provide years of durable, precise machine guidance with Trimble® GCS900 2D Grade Control Systems, Trimble GCSFlex™ Grade Control Systems and laser-based compact machine installations.

Choose from economical, single grade to advanced, steep grade laser transmitters. The GL600 series offers the most innovative features to help you get to grade faster with increased accuracy, including:

Grade Matching

Advanced features quickly translate into improved productivity for grading and excavation projects. Complex alignments are automatic and easy to perform. The powerful, long-range remote control means it only takes one person to accurate set up and operate the grade laser-even grade reverse. And you control all the transmitter functions from inside the cab of a machine.

Spectra Precision Laser GL600 Series Features & Benefits

The Spectra Precision Laser GL612 and GL622 offer several advanced features to facilitate your grading and excavating operations:
  • Automatic self-leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup
  • Large compensated grade range from -25% to +25%
  • Quick setups with the radio remote control
  • Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampens vibrations typically experienced on tall tripods, in high winds or on high vibration jobsites
  • Automatic temperature compensation elimates rework due to temperature changes
  • Automatic Axis Alignment on the GL622 provides precise automatic axis alignments to a desired alignment point
  • Grade Match measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground and eliminates time consuming and error prone calculations. Grade Match is available on the GL622 for either X or Y axis and only for the Y axis in the GL612.
  • PlaneLok automatically locks on to an existing elevation or vertical alignment point – eliminating drift or error due to improper calibration or weather
  • Ruggedized to survive a 3 ft (1 m) drop on concrete, so service and repair costs are reduced
  • Window Mask mode eliminates interference with other crews on the jobsite
  • Grade reverse is available for both X and Y axes on the GL622. Grade reverse is available for the Y axis only on the GL612.

Spectra Precision Laser GL600 Series Applications

The GL612 and GL622 are ideally suited for 2D grading and excavation project work, including:
  • Single or dual slope grading and steep slope excavating
  • Slope work for sports fields, driveways, ramps and parking garages.