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Spectra Precision Laser DDS300 Display System

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Wireless Systems For High Productivity Excavating and Grading

Watch the Spectra Precision Laser
DDS300 Display System in action

The Spectra Precision® Laser DDS300 Depth Display System from Trimble introduces a new level of productivity for compact equipment including backhoes, mini-excavators and smaller excavators. The DDS300 is ideal for a range of excavation work on the building construction jobsite, including the excavation of basements and footers as well as trenching for sewage and utility installation. It is ideal for contractors and owner operators with multiple machines needing flexibility in their excavating solution.

The system utilizes wireless, angle sensor technology along with a bright color in cab display to provide dynamic real-time positioning information for the bucket at all times. This dynamic real-time information allows the operator to excavate, trench, grade or cut profiles more quickly and accurately than traditional laser-referenced machine guidance systems.

The wireless connectivity between sensors on the boom stick and bucket and the in-cab control box eliminate cables, and makes the system extremely easy-to-install—significantly reducing installation time to about an hour.