General Construction Lasers

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DR400 The Spectra Precision® DR400 DigiRod
The Rod-less Grade Checker

Laser Receivers

CR600Fronttmb Spectra Precision® Laser CR600
Advanced receiver that can be rod or machine mounted for increased productivity

HL760 Spectra Precision® Laser HL760 Digital Readout Receiver
Radio communication and unique "fingerprint" function.

HL760U Spectra Precision® Laser HL760U Digital Readout Receiver
Universal reception, radio communication and unique "fingerprint" function.

HL750 Spectra Precision® Laser HL750 Laserometer
Built-in radio communication is designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications.

HL700 Spectra Precision® Laser HL700 Laserometer
Highly versatile laser receiver designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications.

HL450 Spectra Precision® Laser HL450 Laserometer
Durable, versatile laser receiver for exterior leveling and aligning applications.

HR320 Spectra Precision® Laser HR320 Laser Receiver
Durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications

HR150TMB Spectra Precision® Laser HR150
Highly visible dual LEDs and built-in magnetic mount

Laser Levels

LL500 Spectra Precision® Laser LL500
The industry standard in construction leveling

LL400HV TMB Spectra Precision Laser LL400HV
Versatile Horizontal/Vertical Leveling Solution

LL300S Spectra Precision® Laser LL300S
The full featured Spectra Precision LL300S is the advanced new generation of automatic, self-leveling, rugged laser level.

LL300N Spectra Precision® Laser LL300N
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LL300N is our most rugged laser level.

LL100N Spectra Precision® Laser LL100N Laser Level
The Spectra Precision® Laser LL100N is a professional laser tool with an economical price tag.

Universal Lasers

UL633 Spectra Precision® Laser UL633
The Spectra Precision UL633 is the first construction laser allowing total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z).

Grade Lasers

GL612N/GL622N The Spectra Precision® Laser GL612N and GL622N Grade Lasers
Easy-To-Use, Full Featured Automatic Grade Lasers

GL700 Spectra Precision® Laser GL700
Not just another laser transmitter

Spectra Precision Laser GL412N and GL422N
Versatile Grade Lasers with Vertical Alignment

Spectra Precsion® Laser GL412 and 422
Versatile Automatic Grade Lasers for Level, Grade and Vertical Alignment

Horizontal/Vertical Lasers

Spectra Precision® Laser HV301G Horizontal Vertical Laser
The automatic, self-leveling HV301G laser offers exceptional versatility and superior green beam visibility.

Spectra Precision HV302 Horizontal Vertical Laser
Multipurpose Construction Laser for Interior and Exterior

HV301TMB Spectra Precision Laser HV301
General purpose construction laser for interior and exterior applications

HV101 Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 Laser
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 is a professional tool with an economical price tag.


Laser Accessories
A range of accessories are available for the Spectra Precision® Laser products

Optical Instruments

Spectra Precision® AL24A/M and AL28A/M Autolevels
Economical and easy-to-use elevation measuring tools

Spectra Precision® DET-2 Theodolite
Full featured digital electronic theodolite designed for general construction applications