VM-4 Speaker/Microphone

VM-4 Speaker/Microphone
  • USB multi-channel capable audio device
  • Easy push-to-talk access for dispatchers to communicate with drivers

The VM-4, a component of TrimFleet Communicator, is a USB multi-channel capable audio device designed to enhance dispatch communication.

The VM-4 enables "mouse-free" interaction with up to 4 channels of audio. Channel buttons provide "hot key" sequences to control channel push-to-talk (PTT) access.

An RJ-45 port is provided for connecting up to 4 external PTT switches giving the user 8 available Tx/Rx channels.

  • Easy to use
  • Clear sound quality
  • Dispatch for Ready Mix, Aggregate or other construction vehicles

To order the VM-4 Speaker/Microphone, please contact our distributor by emailing Sales@essentialtel.com or call 1-860-295-8100.