• Displays real-time vehicle location and status information
  • Dispatch can send and receive messages to drivers
  • Generate valuable reports
  • Adjust delivery schedules based on real-time data
  • Includes TrimViewDB, TrimLink and TrimExchange

Using in-vehicle hardware and sensors, TrimFleet TrimView provides real-time location and status information for every vehicle without the need for manual input. TrimView updates dispatchers on all standard stages in the delivery cycle, including:

  • Ignition On/Off
  • Depart/Arrive Plant
  • Arrive/Depart Job Site
  • Begin/End Pour
  • Water Added
  • Begin/End Wash

This information can then be translated to capture important information that can help your business determine efficiency gaps and cost-savings plans.

  • Job wait time
  • Pour time
  • Idle time
  • Load time
  • Slump time
  • Dead head time
  • Travel time

Applications included in TrimView are TrimViewDB, TrimLink and TrimExchange.

  • TrimViewDB
    Extended data storage that provides robust analytical reporting
  • TrimExchange
    Information integration with 3rd party ERP systems that enables business process automation
  • TrimLink
    Direct load registration from batch panel and bandwidth requirement reduction which increases software productivity
  • Proactively improve customer service by managing the on-time arrival of materials to a jobsite
  • No manual input improves accuracy and consistency of information
  • Reduce idle time and cost by monitoring vehicle locations and statuses
  • Reduce carbon footprint with improved fuel efficiency
  • Create analytical reports of time-stamped events and locations to help evaluate efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Proactively monitor your fleet health in real-time with the TrimView Fleet Health Report
  • User-definable culture settings allow users within the same organization to select language preferences
  • Communicate with drivers in real-time via text or voice (TrimFleet Communicator)
  • Ready Mix
  • Aggregate