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TrimFleet, Trimble's Construction Logistics fleet management solution, is specifically designed for ready mix and aggregate trucks within the construction materials industry. Our mission is to provide the best fleet management solution for maximizing value across the enterprise by...

Our Solution

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Trimble Construction Logistics-Ready Mix Solution Overview

Click on the video above to watch a brief overview of Trimble's TrimFleet Ready Mix solution or browse the video library to get training and tips on specific topics.

Hear What Others Are Saying

"With Trimble, we have significant savings opportunities by knowing all times for each event throughout the ready mix cycle and are taking action to improve productivity when possible."

- Hector Foronda, Dispatch Manager, Mixto Listo

"The new system with the push-to-talk and GPS is working out great. It came in real handy yesterday because we had a job in Redwood City and the trucks were able to communicate with us. This could never have happened with our other system."

- William Castro, Plant Manager, Concrete Ready Mix, Inc.

Featured Product

TrimFleet Communicator TrimFleet Communicator

TrimFleet Communicator provides an integrated push-to-talk alternative to cell phones and traditional CB-style radios, giving TrimFleet TrimView users an enhanced communication experience.

TrimFleet Communicator is a user-friendly solution that enables drivers to listen and talk to only the necessary people, while remaining focused on the job. Drivers have the ability to talk to groups of people when they need to without having to hear excess radio chatter. When drivers place a call to dispatch it is visually displayed in a Voice Activity Log until someone has responded to the request. As a result, drivers receive quicker response times and repeat calls into dispatch are eliminated.

TrimView users, utilizing TrimFleet Communicator, can talk to a single driver, create private conference calls with a select group of drivers, or talk to pre-defined groups of trucks.

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