For Candidates


Why choose Trimble?
There are many excellent reasons to consider joining the Trimble team. We offer diverse working opportunities around the world. We have a tenured leadership team that understands for the company to continue to expand, we need to retain our employees and help them grow their careers. We provide a challenging work environment and exceptional benefits but also develop career paths and help employees learn and grow by strategically moving individuals across different business segments. With an entrepreneurial spirit that flavors the day-to-day business activities, there are a number of directions your career path could go here at Trimble. Visit our open job opportunities to explore the possibilities to navigate your way to your future career.
What is it like to work for Trimble?
You will find yourself among highly skilled colleagues that can offer guidance to be successful as you navigate your way down your career path. The work environment is casual and at the same time driven to achieve business results.
How do I apply for a job?
Have a look at availabilities on our Job Opportunities page. All current open positions within the company are posted on this page. Make sure to check this site often as we update our job opportunities frequently.
What if I can't find any suitable openings?
If there is not a current vacancy that interests you, do not worry, we are always interested to hear from talented individuals with experience (or other equally impressive skills). If that is you, then please complete our general application form at the bottom of the Job Opportunities page. We routinely search our talent bank whenever a vacancy comes up.
Can I apply to more than one position?
Yes, but please remember to apply only for positions that fit your experience level. We will disregard resumes when the candidate is unqualified for the position.
How do I get my CV/Resume or application noticed?
Keep it simple, concise, easy to read and focused on selling your skills. The challenge is to do all that while making it more appealing and more attractive than the rest. Avoid unusual layouts or fancy gimmicks – the most important thing is that it looks professional and clear. Above all, it should be completely accurate with no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos. We also recommend that you fully research and understand the role before applying. Furthermore, you should only apply for positions that fit your experience level.
I have applied for a job at Trimble - can I expect to receive a personal response?
We will notify you when we receive your completed application. An email is sent to you as confirmation. We really appreciate everyone's time, but with so many applications, you will only hear from us directly if you are selected for a phone interview.
What is Trimble's interview process?
The interview process is one of our best opportunities to get to know the potential of a candidate and for the candidate to get to know Trimble. In general, once we have received an application, we review the candidate's experience, the range of his or her competencies and if relevant, promising candidates are invited to participate in an initial telephone interview. This process at Trimble does tend to vary according to the role so candidates could hear from a recruiter or the hiring manager directly. You will be asked questions about your work experience and given the chance to ask questions. If you move past the phone interview stage, you may be asked to complete some form of exercise or prepare a presentation.
How can I check the status of my application?
You cannot check your individual applicant status on an opening, however you can check the general status of the job posting to see if it is still open. Go to Job Opportunity page and click on the Job Search button. Scroll down to Previous Applicants. Login using you email and password.
I am having issues saving my job submission and application, what should I do?
We usually find these types of issues are related to the web browser you are using and the version of that web browser. For optimum performance on our site, we recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you are unable to use these web browsers and still experiencing issues, email us at
What do I do if my password does not work or I have forgotten it?
Go to Job Opportunity page and click on the Job Search button. Scroll down to Previous Applicants. Under the Login button, you will see an option to retain your password – See: If you do not remember your password click here.
Can I modify my Job Application information at any time?
Yes, you can return and modify your Job Application information whenever you like. Your information is secure, so you are required to login to make changes. Go to Job Opportunity page and click on the Job Search button. Scroll down to Previous Applicants. Login using you email and password.
How often are new jobs posted on the careers website?
We post jobs regularly (often daily) so we recommend you visit our site frequently.
What benefits does Trimble offer?
When it comes to our US benefits, we have everything you would expect from a large company including a profit sharing program, health insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off plus more. Other locations outside the US may offer similar benefits. Trimble strives to keep our employees healthy - physically, emotionally, financially or socially. We evaluate our benefits regularly and adapt them to the needs of our changing population.
Where does Trimble have offices?
Visit here to learn more.
What about equal opportunities?
Trimble does not discriminate on grounds of ethnicity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability at any stage of the recruitment process or during employment.

For University Students and Graduates


Do you have an intern program?
Yes, we offer global student internships of between 8 and 12 weeks that typically run from May to August. You will have an outstanding opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented professionals within the field and get some fantastic, hands-on experience.
Is housing available for internships?
No. Our internships are all paid but housing is not provided.
What qualifications do I need?
A degree in a discipline that provides a solid foundation in Engineering or other relative fields with a high Grade Point Average.
I graduated last year, am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. Our Graduate openings are open to all graduates, as long as you have completed your studies when you are applying.
Do you accept applications from candidates who require a visa?

For Agencies


Does Trimble use recruitment agencies?
Trimble does sometimes use agencies and we have our own direct sourcing team. Typically for permanent and fixed-term vacancies, we use a variety of sources to find suitable candidates ourselves.
How can we work with Trimble?
Trimble already has many vendors in place but on the very rare occasion that we do need to work with a new agency, we work with people who have a strong track record of success. Currently we are not looking to make any changes to our vendor list.
Will you accept speculative Resumes/CVs from recruitment agencies?
No. However if you do send in CVs, we will not acknowledge your ownership of the candidate. This includes if you send them through to a Trimble employee.
How can we prove to you that we can be successful finding candidates?
This is a tough one. We understand your desire to work with us; however, we are inundated with inquiries. Please watch this space and we will let you know when our list is up for review.

Alternatively, you can always fill out our Recruiting Partner Application form and email your information to
How often should we contact you and how?
We are going to be completely honest and say that besides filling out our Recruiting Partner Application, we would prefer it if you did not contact us. We will contact you directly should it be necessary.

However, if you do decide to contact us, email is best. Please use the address given above and do be aware that you may not get a response. As you would expect, both hiring managers and individual members of the recruitment team are extremely busy, so we would appreciate you taking note of this. It means we can get on with our work and, if we do decide to take you up on your offer, our relationship will get off to the best possible start.