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Harvest Time at Trimble

Trimble Agriculture is prominently discussed in the article, which showcases how farmers are increasingly relying on Trimble products to ease their jobs.
Barrons, May 2013

Optical Sensor 

Optical Sensors for Variable Rate Fertility

Trimble GreenSeeker® system is featured in the article.
Grainews, April 2013


Don't Guess with GPS

Correction services, including CenterPoint™ RTX™, are discussed.
Spudman, February 2013

Successful Farming 

Journey Toward the Summit

Follow-up story of farmer incorporating precision agriculture into his operation. Trimble was part of the collaborative effort.
Successful Farming, November 2012

Progressive Farmer 

Newly Portable

Article on the WM-Topo™ survey system and the GreenSeeker handheld.
The Progressive Farmer, October 2012

Cotton Grower 

Trimble Connected Farm & Trimble WM-Topo and WM-Drain

Trimble's Connected Farm™ solution, WM-Topo™ survey system, and WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution are included in a product showcase.
Cotton Grower, October 2012

Farm Ranch Guide 

GreenSeeker Handheld Crop Sensor Offers Affordable NDVI Technology

The GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor is featured.
Farm & Ranch Guide, September 2012

Successful Farming 

Analyzing Machinery Costs

Farmer uses Farm Works Software® to analyze machinery costs.
Successful Farming, August 2012

Berthoud Weekly Surveyor 

Trimble Technology Gives Farmers an Edge

Article about how Trimble products are helping farmers.
Berthoud Surveyor Newspaper, June 2012

Western Producer 

GreenSeeker Keeps Nitrogen in Balance

Trimble's GreenSeeker® system is featured.
Western Producer, May 2012

Growing Georgia 

Farm Works Software Office Sync Proves Valuable as Input Costs Increase

Farm Works Software® is featured.
Growing Georgia, May 2012

Precision Agriculture

Precision Ag 

Troy Seaworth

Troy Seaworth farms about 2,000 acres of sugar beets, corn, dry beans, and hay in Wellington, Colorado. With the Trimble Field-IQ™ crop input control system and Tru Count Clutches, he has eliminated overlap when planting and fertilizing. In addition, when preparing his fields for planting, Seaworth is down from a minimum of five operations to a one- or two-pass system because of CenterPoint™ RTK. As a result, he has been able to cut fuel consumption and operator hours in half.



Ryan Shanks

Ryan Shanks, an Ohio farmer of soybeans and carrots, has seen the value of precision agriculture on his 3,000-acre farm. Thanks to his Trimble products, Shanks has experienced no overlap or skips, less soil compaction, increased yield and efficiency, and he feels many of his farming operations have been made easier.

Guidance and Steering


Gordan Shrader

Nebraska corn and soybean farmer Gordon Shrader uses the Trimble® TrueTracker™ implement steering system in his strip till farming operation. With the TrueTracker system Shrader has been able to apply fertilizer right in the band rather than broadcasting it, which has led to more yield out of less fertilizer. Shrader believes TruTracker has saved him between $5 and $15 an acre in fertilizer costs, and has resulted in a five to 15 bushel-per-acre increase in yield.

Connected Farm


Brad and Todd Stephenson

Brad and Todd Stephenson of Crossroads Family Farm run a large farming operation that spans thousands of acres in seven counties in Indiana. In the spring of 2012, Crossroads was introduced to the Trimble® Connected Farm™ solution. Using wireless data transfer between the office and field and between vehicles working in the same field was a large time saver for the farm, and especially handy when the farm uses two planters in the same field.

Connected Farm stories 

Indy Family Farms

Indy Family Farms in Greenwood, Indiana, is a fifth generation farm covering five counties southwest of Indianapolis. The Connected Farm™ solution has allowed the farm to streamline data management, optimize data verification, and has enabled the farm to make faster adjustments because field information is quickly received in the office. As a result, personnel can diagnose and fix problems before they become worse.

Correction Services

Bruce Fulk 

Bruce Fulk

Bruce Fulk farms 3,500 acres of dry land corn and raises 300 head of cattle and 400-500 yearlings in Wallace, Nebraska. Fulk began using the satellite-delivered Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service in March of 2012, and expects to save about seven to eight percent per year in seed and fuel costs.

Rist Farms 

Tim and Frank Rist

Fourth generation farmer Tim Rist, and his son Frank Rist, operate a 5,000 acre farm in southeast Nebraska where they grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and sunflowers. In 2011, Rist began using Trimble's CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service. He credits the service with saving him time, money, and energy through improved accuracy and efficiency.

Mike Stevens 

Mike Stevens

South Dakota corn and soybean farmer Mike Stevens uses the Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service to streamline his planting operations. The higher accuracy of the service has enabled him to eliminate skips and overlaps in his rows, which has saved him money on seed and increased his yield. Stevens also believes that the reliability and accuracy of the service has saved him several hours a week that were once wasted waiting for his systems to reboot.

Farm Works Software

Renee Brown 

Kevin and Renee Brown

There are many financial challenges to farming so having the right software system is crucial for long term success. Kevin and Renee Brown farm over 2200 acres in southeastern South Dakota and can tell you that the software plays a key role.


Flow and Application Control

Trimble Agriculture Victor Campanelli 

Victor Campanelli

Brazilian farmer Victor Campanelli is using the Trimble® GreenSeeker® crop sensing system to determine where sugarcane skips and planting failures have occurred. By targeting these locations for replanting, Campanelli may be able to postpone the replanting of his entire sugarcane field, leading to increased profits.

Justin Harris 

Justin Harris

Australian wheat, barley, and lentil farmer Justin Harris added the Field-IQ™ crop input control system to his Simplicity air seeder in April 2012. He believes the Field-IQ system, along with the CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service and Autopilot™ automated steering system, allowed him to experience a 10-20 percent increase in the amount of land he is able to air seed each day.


City of Lakeport, California

The city of Lakeport, Calif., replaced their manual weed control with a fully automated Trimble® WeedSeeker® system which saved the city approximately $24,000/year. The savings resulted from personnel hours eliminated, as well as money saved on gasoline, vehicle maintenance, and herbicide expenditures.

Water Management
WM Drain customer 

WM-Drain farm drainage system

Andrew Zimmerman of Zimmerman Drainage in Hicksville, Ohio, uses Trimble's WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution to survey, analyze, design, install, and map surface and subsurface drainage. With the WM-Drain solution, Zimmerman can create several different designs within a matter of minutes or hours versus days using a laser.

Home Agriculture 

Trimble Agriculture

Trimble Agriculture continues to release new products in 2013. New innovations include Connected Farm™, Flow and Application Control, and Corrections Services. As the leader in precision agriculture products and solutions, Trimble Agriculture is committed to providing new innovations that simplify operations and increase the profitability of farms throughout the world. No matter your field type, crop type, or vehicle, Trimble has a solution to suit your needs.

Field IQ 

Field-IQ™ crop input control System

The Trimble® Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides you with a complete field application solution, enabling productive and efficient operation for your planting and nutrient and pest management operations. The Field-IQ system works with both the Trimble FmX® integrated display and CFX-750™ display.


Harvest Solution

Watch the Trimble® FmX® integrated display accurately steer your combine, use cameras to monitor activities from the cab, and provide new capabilities for Yield Monitoring and RG-100 row guidance. The Trimble harvest solution can manage all your harvesting needs.

WM Drain 

WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution

Watch how the Trimble® WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage.

Laser Leveling  

Laser Leveling

Laser leveling of rice fields in Southeast Asia has resulted in farmers experiencing increased yields, easier weed control, reduced costs for water pumping and weed control, and more time.

Dates Event Name Location
April 29-May 3, 2013 Agrishow Ribeirao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
June 12-13, 2013 Cereals Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire, UK
June 12-15, 2013 Agroactiva Cañada de Gõmez, Argentina
July 16-18,2013 The InfoAg Conference Springfield, Illinois, USA
August 3-7, 2013 Agricultural Media Summit Buffalo, New York, USA
August 12-16, 2013 Agroleite Castrolanda, Brazil
August 27-29, 2013 Farm Progress Show Decatur, Illinois, USA
September 10-12, 2013 Husker Harvest Days Grand Island, Nebraska, USA
October 15-17, 2013 Sunbelt Ag Expo Moultrie, Georgia, USA
November 12-16, 2013 Agritechnica Hanover, Germany
December 3-5, 2013 Agricultural Retailers Association Miami, Florida, USA