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Feed Management Solutions

Livestock feed management solutions from Trimble help reduce the cost of producing feed while minimizing the environmental impact to grow it. Trimble offers solutions for any size of operation in order to optimize chopping and the conversion of crop to feed. The better you improve your feed conversion, the higher your profitability.

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Trimble's livestock feed management solutions include:

Guidance and Steering
Trimble assisted or automated steering systems enable hands-free guidance allowing you to operate efficiently and extend your operating hours. No matter the size of farm, Trimble offers a steering system that fits your needs.
• Reduce driver fatigue by taking the hassle out of steering the tractor
• Eliminate skips and overlaps ensuring even coverage without doubling up in any areas
• Create uniform rows that will allow the crop to wilt evenly for the best quality

Trimble’s Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides you with a complete field application solution for efficient planting operations. Connected Farm™ can be used in conjunction with Field-IQ to enhance data management between vehicles and the office.
• Perform automatic section control to save on seed and other input costs
• Utilize seed monitoring and variable rate application to create a high-yielding environment for your crops
• Share guidance lines and coverage maps between multiple planters in the same field to reduce inputs and overlap

Nutrient Management

GreenSeeker® crop sensing system can effectively and precisely manage crop inputs on-the-go. With GreenSeeker, you can address field variability by applying the right amount of fertilizer, in the right place, at the right time.
• Use fewer inputs which reduces costs
• Eliminate guesswork of required nitrogen after manure applications
• Generate NDVI maps that correlate closely to potential yield which is valuable for budgeting feed requirements.

Another option in managing your fertilizer is using the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor. The handheld is an affordable, easy-to-use measurement device that can detect the health-or-vigor of a crop. The NDVI reading from the handheld can be used in conjunction with the Connected Farm scout app for calculating a rate of nitrogen to apply. This data is saved on your smartphone or tablet and can be accessed online using the Connected Farm dashboard.

Irrigation Monitoring

Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ™ precision irrigation solution can precisely apply the right amount of water, fertigation, or effluent in the right place to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your crop, while minimizing nutrient and chemical runoff.
• Use water efficiently to improve quality of feed
• Create no spray and variable rate irrigation areas for applying the right amount of water in the right place
• Dispose of effluent safely while nurturing your field

Accurately steer your chopper with advanced steering capabilities from Trimble, even in areas where the planter drifted. Use additional row guidance to chop in difficult conditions such as down maize/corn, long passes, and poor visibility.
• Efficient cutting of crop
• Minimize passes which reduces cost
• Improve the quality of feed

Data Management

Trimble’s Connected Farm solution allows you to collect, share, and manage information using computers, tablets, and smartphones. Data can also transfer wirelessly to Farm Works™ Mapping software for feed management reporting.
• Save time by avoiding USB drives for data transfer
• Transfer data wirelessly between the field and office such as yield and as-applied application maps
• Use rainfall data to make informed decisions for chopping and other farming operations

Fleet Management

As you continue to grow your farming business and cover more acres, fleet management is vital during the busiest times of the year such as forage harvesting. Trimble’s Connected Farm solution can help manage your fleet and provide information to improve efficiency and productivity.
• View live fleet positions overlaid on background imagery
• Identify current status of vehicles such as on/off, idling, moving, delayed, speeding, and traveling
• Monitor vehicle health and operator performance

Field-IQ crop input control system
Modular section control, variable rate application, and advanced seed monitoring system for all your planting, nutrient, and pesticide management operations.

Steering System
Assisted and automated steering systems that help you accurately guide your vehicle on any terrain.

RG-100 row guidance
Combine guidance system that uses sensors to center the combine on rows.

Connected Farm
Wirelessly share guidance lines and coverage maps between vehicles or transfer information from field operations to the office and back again.