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Trimble Agriculture Strip Till and Anhydrous
Strip Till and Anhydrous

Strip Till and Anhydrous

With assisted or automated guidance, software for creating prescription maps, and a variable rate application control system, Trimble can provide you with a full strip till/anhydrous solution to manage accurate fertilizer control.

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Strip till/anhydrous application solutions from Trimble include:

Prescription Maps
Based on your soil samples or yield, you can create prescription maps within Trimble Ag Software and wirelessly transfer the map into your display. Use this map for strip till/anhydrous applications to apply the correct amount of fertilizer where you need it.

In-Field Guidance
Trimble's hands-free steering systems allow you to accurately guide your vehicle-so you can increase your operational hours and reduce fatigue.

You can even wirelessly share guidance lines and coverage maps between vehicles operating in the same field to reduce overlap and speed up jobs.

Application Control
With Trimble's Field-IQ™ crop input control system , you can apply the right amount of granular or liquid material to your field—in the right place—allowing you to operate efficiently, save on input costs, and increase yields.

  • Avoid overlap in headlands and point rows using section control for up to 48 section in strip till, NH3, and sidedress toolbars
  • Control the application rate of up to six different materials by connecting the existing valves and flow meters already on the tool bar
  • Monitor delivery line blockage for granular strip till
  • Vary rate manually or using prescriptions and record what was applied
  • Keep records of what you've applied for post-harvest analysis

Use a Greenseeker® crop sensing system for on-the-go variable rate application.

Steering System
Assisted and automated steering systems that help you accurately guide your vehicle on any terrain.

Field-IQ crop input control system
Assisted and automated vehicle steering systems as well as implement control systems to help you accurately guide your tractor and/or implement on any terrain.

GreenSeeker crop sensing system
Boom-mounted plant sensor system that measures the health of a crop in real-time to instantly deliver the optimal amount of fertilizer.

Trimble Ag Software
Farm management software for desktop, online and mobile platforms.