xFill Technology

RTK-level accuracy for first 5 minutes, with gradual decrease in accuracy for up to 20 mins


Trimble® xFill™ technology utilizes Trimble RTX technology, delivered via satellite, to "fill in" for RTK corrections in the event of temporary radio or Internet connection outages, which are the primary sources of dropped corrections. As a result, you can experience more in-field run time with fewer interruptions.

The xFill technology maintains RTK-level accuracy for the first five minutes of operation and will continue to extend RTK fixed positions with a gradual decrease in accuracy for a period of up to 20 minutes in agricultural applications. The technology requires no convergence wait time, and provides seamless transitions between RTK and xFill. It functions by using the last known RTK position in conjunction with satellite-delivered RTX technology to sustain high-accuracy positions.

The service is available to most of the world, in areas where Trimble RTX-based services are delivered via satellite.


Benefits of xFill Technology:

» Up to 20 minutes of extended RTK operation - keeps users in the field for longer—with fewer interruptions.

» Seamless switching - ensures that there are smooth transitions when the system switches to the xFill function and then back to RTK once the corrections are restored.

» Global coverage area - allows global users to benefit from xFill technology.