Support Plans


Our *Preferred Support Plan allows you to access Trimble's Technical Support directly and leverage our technical expertise, language skills and worldwide availability.

This plan gives you access to:
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support (on PC only)
  • Live Telephone Support

Enhance Trimble Preferred Support with Trimble Remote Support, powered by Trimble Assistant. (To be eligible for the Trimble Remote Support option, an annual Preferred Support plan must be purchased)

Trimble Remote Support drives productivity

Trimble Remote Support is an application that allows you to:

  • Remotely view a Windows 5 or 6 field device or a PC desktop application - Speed up case closure by allowing Trimble Support Technicians to see, hear and diagnose issues which would take much longer by only hearing about the problem. Reduce the need to travel to a work site.
  • Remotely control** Windows 5 or 6 field device or a PC desktop application - This enables the Trimble support technician to provide support when you are in the field. Having visual access of what is displayed on the field device or desktop reduces downtime and improves your ability to learn, by seeing how the technical issue is being solved in real-time.
  • Co-Surf - Through an internet browser, the technician can share a webpage directly with you, decreasing the time required to find a file or information on the web.
  • Transfer files - This allows the Trimble Support Technician to share a file directly with your field device or desktop such as installation, configuration, job or update files.
  • Export Session Recording: The Trimble Support Technician has the ability to record your screen during the support case. The recording can be shared with you and reviewed to help you with future training and trouble shooting


*Trimble Preferred Support excludes coverage for the following product lines: Mapping & GIS and Mobile Computing Solutions, Heavy Highway machine systems such as Grade Control Systems on dozers, graders, and excavators.

** Remote Control can only be used with instrument or computer running Windows Mobile 5 and 6 or Windows Desktop operating systems.