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The original Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer has set the standard for professionals in the field. If you own an original Yuma, you can: crunch data in the field, conduct inspections, collect information, capture photos and communicate with headquarters, all with the assurance that your hard work is protected against water, dust, humidity, heat, cold, vibration and drop. Carry it, mount it on a tripod or pole, or mount in a vehicle--the Yuma goes where you go. You can use it to navigate to your next job, review work orders, revise documents and so much more. With the Windows 7 Professional operating system, this Windows tablet is equally useful in the office. It's the ultimate one-computer solution.

Key Features:
  • Outdoor rugged design MIL-STD-810F and IP67
    • Sunlight visible 7 inch touchscreen display
    • MIL-STD-810F compliant means improved solution reliability. lower cost to support; Lower total cost of ownership
    • No bulky sealing boxes means increased usability of product; higher end user satisfaction
    • Lightweight (2.6 lb with standard batteries; 3.2 lb with extended batteries)
    • All day battery option (optional 8-hour Lithium Ion hot swappable rechargeable battery)
  • Windows 7 Professional software
    • Standard Windows operating system.
    • Reduce time to market, with no need for custom Windows Mobile applications!
  • Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor and solid-state drive
    • Small footprint: powerful and power saving
    • No moving parts enables robust performance in extreme temps and vibration
  • Integrated wireless capabilities: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0
    • Easy connection to other devices, networks and internet
    • GPS location-based application compatible
    • No accessories required
  • 2 geotag-enabled cameras (video, photo)
    • Productivity enhancement: use a video log vs form or written notes
    • Geospatial inspection ready
    • Microphone (line-in mini-jack), Headphone (mini-jack stereo), speaker
  • Expandability options
    • ExpressCard/34 slot (can be used for cellular WAN technology)
    • Secure digital (SD/SDHC) memory slot (expand storage)
    • USB 2.0 host ports (2x)
  • 12-month limited manufacturer warranty

Accessories for the Trimble Yuma Rugged Tablet

Regardless of where you work, we have accessories that can improve your work flow and productivity with the Trimble Yuma® rugged tablet. Below are our most popular accessories for the Office, for the Vehicle and for Mobile workers that go everywhere.

Office Accessories

Maximize the portability of the Yuma rugged tablet by enhancing its offering with these office accessories. From the Office Doc to International Power Adaptors to screen protectors and cleaning cloths, Yuma rugged tablet office accessories optimize your experience and enable you to be more productive in the office environment.

Yuma Tablet Office Docking StationACCAA-705

The Yuma Docking Station allows you to move seamlessly from one environment to another, charge four batteries at once and, with more connections, offers greater connectivity while working in the office.

Ultra clear Screen ProtectorsACCAA-351
Anti-Glare Screen ProtectorsACCAA-352

Protect your touch screen display with a two-pack of screen protectors, custom fitted for the Yuma rugged tablet. Choose Ultra-Clear for maximum display clarity, or Anti-Glare to minimize reflections from sunlight or other bright light sources.

Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle accessories for your Yuma tablet computer optimize your experience and enable greater productivity when you're on the road. Route tracking, communications, expansive notes, connection to RAM Mount accessories are just a few of the benefits the following accessories provide.

Vehicle Docking StationACCAA-762

The Trimble Yuma Vehicle Docking Station converts your vehicle to a fully functional mobile workstation. Once the Yuma tablet is mounted on the vehicle dock, you can connect with a variety of peripherals and instruments, including a precision GPS antenna. With the expanded connectivity of the Vehicle Docking Station, the Yuma tablet is an even more powerful tool for collecting and sending data on the go. While you take the Yuma tablet out in the field, your peripheral devices remain connected to the docking station and are instantly ready when you re-dock. The Vehicle Docking System is compatible with 1.5 inch RAM Mount systems. See the Yuma Vehicle Docking Station datasheet for more information.

iKey rugged keyboardACCAA-303

This rugged keyboard is designed to mount in any vehicle, including emergency, police, and service, as well as transport trucks and marine vessels. Features include a user-friendly integrated touchpad, backlit keys for low-light environments, a one-touch emergency key and mounting holes. Additional technical specifications and technical drawings are available.

Tactical vehicle mountACCAA-756

The Yuma tactical vehicle mount provides a solid interface to connect the Yuma rugged tablet to any 1 inch ball RAM Mount system. Whatever your vehicle or mounting need, RAM Mount has a combination that solves your need. See our RAM Mount compatibility product bulletin for more options to build a custom solution for your vehicle and work requirements.

Vehicle chargerACCAA-658

The Yuma vehicle charger enables recharge capability between jobs or during a road trip. Whether topping off or completely recharging your Yuma batteries, this 12V DC compatible charger helps you get more from your work day. The Heavy Duty Vehicle Charger accepts a wider range of input voltage, from 11V to 32V DC, to accommodate industrial machines.

Field Accessories

When the job requires all equipment to be packed on your person, you need the Yuma rugged tablet deluxe carry case and additional battery set. These basic accessories make a big impact in your ability to stay on location as long as the job requires.

Deluxe Carry CaseACCAA-612

The Yuma Deluxe Case is compatible with all battery/cap configurations and provides an option for hands free work and easy packing for all day's work. It allows for work to be easily conducted with the Yuma rugged tablet in the case while still allowing for connection to the IO plate. Additionally, this rugged carry case provides protection against accidental drops and makes it easy to carry the Yuma with you when not actively using it.

Extended Battery SetACCAA-103

This rechargeable Lithium-Ion 5200 mAh battery set provides 7.4V and 39 Watt Hours and is manufactured with RoHS compliant materials. The extended battery set provides a run time of 8 hours under typical operating conditions and workflow.

Screen Cleaning ClothACCAA-353

Rinse off mud and grit with running water, blot dry, then remove any remaining fingerprints, smudges or dust from your display with this display cleaning microfiber cloth. If soiled, simply wash. Reuse when dry.

All Yuma Accessories

See our complete catalog of all Yuma tablet accessories at the Outdoor Rugged Store.