Outdoor Rugged Public Safety Applications

Using technology to increase efficiency

The reality of today's economy is that most public safety agencies must ensure they make the most of their resources to increase productivity and wisely manage budgets. The key is to have the most efficient, cost effective processes possible, and new technology is a real asset. Streamlined workflow, reduced errors, and increased efficiency are just a few of the advantages that Trimble technology can offer your agency.

Police Applications: Using rugged handheld computers like the Trimble Nomad, Recon and Ranger, officers performing traffic patrol, parking enforcement and other in-the-field duties can work faster and far more efficiently by making use of paperless data, wireless printing and instant data uploads and downloads. The versatility, mobility and toughness of the Nomad, Recon and Ranger make it ideal for any aspect of law enforcement, including motorcycle patrols and even on-site investigative work.

Fire Applications: Of course a fire department's job is not all about battling fires. Preventing them is a far more effective tactic. And for fire prevention, the most valuable asset you can have is information-information that's complete, correct and easily accessible. And with municipal budgets stretched thin, you need a highly productive, cost-efficient tool for gathering and accessing that information. That's why fire departments are turning to high-tech tools like the Trimble Recon rugged handheld computer. It offers a combination of efficiency, speed and ruggedness that's perfect for tasks like fire safety inspections.

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