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Other Applications

Recreation: New frontiers in recreation technology
Taking advantage of improvements in technology has always been a part of sports and recreation-but now the possibilities are expanding exponentially. The advent of lightweight, rugged, high-performance handheld computers like the Trimble Nomad and Recon means the only limit to recreational applications is your imagination. The Nomad and the Recon give you the ability to add a wide variety of capabilities-GPS, wireless communication, mapping/GIS and any Windows Mobile application you like-to make almost any activity better. From cave exploration to orienteering to golf course mapping and even in-seat personal computers in stadiums and arenas, the Trimble Nomad and Recon are versatile and rugged enough to adapt to whatever environment you're in. Find a way to revolutionize your activities with handheld computing technology.

Food Service: Get the information you need, when you need it
Successful food service operations are built on information and timing. It's imperative that information is correct and communication is immediate. That's why mobile computing can improve your food service processes. Tools such as the Trimble Nomad and Recon rugged handheld computers are versatile enough to adapt to your specific needs, easy enough to use that you don't need a week of training for every employee, and rugged enough to stand up to some very harsh environments.

The Trimble Nomad and Recon run Windows Mobile, so you can use existing Windows Mobile applications and adapt point-of-sale or other software. CompactFlash slots let you connect receipt printers, credit-card readers, temperature and pH sensors and other devices using wireless technology. The Trimble Nomad and Recon have a battery life of 15 hours, so they can work all day long. And they're built rugged enough to take the abuse a food-service environment can dish out — surviving liquid spills, accidental immersion, extreme temperatures, grease and dust, and getting dropped or banged around.

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