Outdoor Rugged Military and Defense Applications

Focus on your job - not your computer

Trimble handhelds are designed from the ground up to meet tough military standards for durability, reliability and operation in tactical environments. Our expertise in low-power electrical design is evident in the Trimble Nomad and Recon, which provide 15 hours of operation on a rechargeable battery pack. Both devices have AA battery modules that can be carried as back-up power if needed.

Since their introduction, the Trimble Nomad, Recon and Ranger have been deployed into a number of mission-critical DoD applications. From the city streets of downtown Baghdad to the jungles of Central and South America, they have been validated in applications where a laptop computer-with its associated boot time, weight and battery limitations-was not a feasible option. Trimble supports today's war fighter with a readily available COTS solution that is more easily supported and maintained than expensive military-only solutions.

The Nomad, Recon and Ranger run Windows Mobile, so you can use a wide variety of commercial software with no modification necessary. And with a serial port and two CompactFlash slots, they can be used as a link to an array of peripheral devices, so you can use them for countless applications. Trimble outdoor rugged handheld computers are ready to serve.

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