Outdoor Rugged Forestry Applications

Outdoor rugged handhelds meet forestry needs

Trimble Nomad, Recon and Ranger handheld computers are designed from the ground up to meet the challenge of the forest, adhering to tough military standards for durability, reliability and operation in outdoor environments.

When you head out to the woods, you need tools as mobile and versatile as the day's project list. And the more things one single tool can help you accomplish, the better, especially if that tool is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of your out-of-office environment. With Windows Mobile software, use Mobile versions of Word, Excel and Outlook while in the field. Nomad, Recon and Ranger touchscreens are clear and visible even in bright sunlight and enable you to work in any weather. Plus, all of these rugged handhelds feature Bluetooth, WiFi and expansion slots for your added peripherals. The Nomad is also available with built-in GPS, camera and bar code scanner options. Battery life is up to 30 hours on a Ranger and 15 on a Nomad or Recon - plenty to keep you going through the longest day.

That's why the Nomad, Recon and Ranger are the right tools for forestry workers. Rugged enough to withstand weather extremes, rough handling, accidental water immersion and even drops, they are incredibly versatile. In addition to Trimble hardware, you can add SOLO Forest mapping software to help lay out roads or determine harvest plans. Or ask for a referral to one of our resellers offering a full solution for your forest-to-office needs. Make full use of our technology tools to work more efficiently.

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