Outdoor Rugged Agricultural Applications

Making agricultural work easier and more productive

The complexities of agricultural operations demand versatile, high-tech tools that can keep up with the day's projects. Whether it's herd management, tracking animal feed, monitoring application of fertilizer or keeping track of maintenance on equipment, your data requirements call for a computing solution that's easy to use but ready for challenging field environments. And it would be even better if the same data tool could also provide real-time communication.

That's why the Trimble Nomad, Recon and Ranger are a perfect fit for agricultural applications. They're rugged enough to withstand weather extremes, drops and even accidental submersion. And they are incredibly versatile, with Windows Mobile and options like CompactFlash slots that let you connect a wide range of peripherals to customize performance for your specific needs. You can even use GPS and wireless networking for tracking and instant communication. Batteries are designed to keep up with you all day long and the Nomad and Recon even have AA battery pack options for the times you can't get to a recharger.

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