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Accurate and reliable geospatial solutions and applications so mines run more efficiently, profitably and safely.


Safety is first in mining. Trimble offers solutions designed to improve safety for personnel on the ground and in the cab with 24/7 precision positioning for collision avoidance systems, automatic stability monitoring to detect dangerous slope conditions and unmanned aerial systems for terrain mapping and volumetric measurement of hazardous areas.

Increasing efficiency and controlling operating costs are major factors in mining profitably. Accurate and reliable geospatial information to improve efficiency, reduce rework, increase safety and implement autonomous technologies helps mine managers reduce operating costs to meet profitability goals.

Featured Solutions
Trimble 4D Control 290X1702

Improve safety decisions with automated, real-time slope stability monitoring.

Trimble MIS

Use global dashboards to monitor performance across mining and processing operations and properties.

Terralite XPS 290x170

Optimize productivity and safety applications with 24/7 GNSS+XPS positioning.

Fast, flexible and economical terrain mapping for hazardous and hard-to-reach areas.

Rapid planning and cost evaluation for alignment of mine-to-port rail links and access roads.

3D scanning, robotic, optical total station for accurate and fast volume measurements.

The most innovative and advanced total station for general surveying with seamless workflows.

Improve productivity with powerful grade control earthmoving systems for haul road construction and maintenance.

Faster and easier as-built surveys for mine and haul road construction.