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For the next five years, Trimble will go on the road...

As part of an exciting GPS Adventures traveling exhibit, Trimble GPS technology and products will be viewed by nearly four million potential visitors in some of the major museums and science centers throughout the US and Canada.

The educational exhibit will introduce visitors to GPS technology - its history, current uses and future possibilities. Visitors will learn the basics of traditional and modern navigation. They will see examples of GPS technology in use today, preview coming developments and try their hand at designing future applications. And, leveraging the popularity of the worldwide treasure-hunting sport of geocaching, the exhibit will simulate the sport: visitors can search for hidden caches and gain access to content-rich educational galleries

GPS Adventures is a powerful initiative for Trimble, adding to the company's reputation as an authority in the field and making the name Trimble synonymous with the future of GPS technology. With its educational focus, the exhibit will depict Trimble as a pioneer in GPS technology, an evangelist of the technology, and most importantly, a supporter of science education.

Visitors to the GPS Adventures exhibit will travel through a 2,500 sq. ft. modular maze that includes four unique "Satellite Rooms": History of GPS, GPS Today, Future of GPS, and The Great Outdoors. Geared toward ages six through adult, the exhibit will enable millions of children and adults to hold GPS-enabled gear for the first time, opening doors to the life-changing possibilities GPS technology makes possible both today and tomorrow.

Trimble is proud to be the official development sponsor of the exhibit. The exhibit was created by Groundspeak, managers of, the global headquarters for the sport of geocaching; and Minotaurmaze, makers of modular maze exhibits.

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The official launch date was June 2, 2007 and the first stop on the tour was the Minnetrista Museum located in Muncie, Indiana.