Increase Workflow Productivity

Increase Workflow Productivity

Get your workers where you need them, when you need them

On a day-to-day basis, a field service operation means managing many complex and inter-related issues in real-time. Scheduling, routing and dispatching drivers for known jobs in an efficient manner can be challenging. Add the unforeseen job changes that may happen in every work day and efficiency can become almost impossible. 

Trimble Field Service Management solutions can provide a clear understanding of what is happening in the field to help you mitigate the unexpected events that may happen during the day and optimize scheduling, routing and job performance. Using our solutions, you can get the reports and data you need to identify the best route, receive arrival and departure status, and communicate instantly for each job allowing you to measure service performance and find the areas where you are able to reduce expenses while increasing efficiency and number of jobs completed per day.

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Key Benefits:

  • Perform 10-30% more jobs per day
  • Improve dispatch efficiency by 20-60% with centralized dispatching
  • Increase productivity with intelligent, automated scheduling
  • Decrease drive time by 10-20% per job
  • Reduce overtime expenses by 10-70%
  • Reduce repeated customer visits by sending the most efficient, best equipped technician to each job
  • Optimize and automate mobile work schedules

Learn how Work Management helped Pacific Telecommunications and Services improve scheduling by 75%.

To learn more about Fleet Management hear what Joyce Tam, Director of Product Marketing, has to say in this short video.

Find out how to improve scheduling and dispatch using Work Management by watching this short demo.


Fleet Management

A cloud-based solution that enables managers and supervisors to make intelligent decisions using the real-time location and status of their vehicles.

Work Management

A cloud-based solution that transforms the productivity of a mobile workforce through intelligent scheduling tools and state-of-the-art performance analytics.

Driver Safety

A cloud-based solution that enables fleet managers to complete back-office analysis of aggressive maneuvers such as hard acceleration, hard breaking, hard turns and excessive speed.

For more information about how Trimble Field Service Management solutions can improve your mobile workers productivity, safety and customer service, request a demo, send an email or contact our global sales representatives.